With over 300 fonts and 63 thread colors to pick from, you have a lot of choices.  Many of the fonts utilize three colors between the primary, secondary and highlight colors.  You also have the option of tone on tone/monochromatic. You can view all fonts and all thread colors from the menu links.

Laurie:  How do you get folks to identify the primary/secondary/highlight color when it might not be obvious looking at the font?  002 Fancy Floral has more than three colors? 

To help you decide, we’ve provided a font and color comparison tool that lets you review the fonts or colors you want to compare.  After selecting items to compare, you can manage the order (by dragging) and which items are compared in the comparison toolbar at the top.  You can also search for/add and remove items in the toolbar.  You may find it helpful to leave your font in the comparison to refer to while you consider your colors. This comparison tool doesn’t automatically add the font or color to your shopping cart – you’ll need to remember and pick them when ordering.