Fouta Honeycomb Thin Stripe Positive-Negative -Turkish Bath Towel

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Fouta Honeycomb Thin Stripe Positive - Negative

(Turkish Bath Towels)



This is our classic fouta bath towel in a huge selection of bright colors modernized and revised to enhance uniqueness by adding stripes on each side to create a positive/negative design. Contrast them with the matching guest fouta towels in opposite color theme. Versatile and generous in size, it will be the perfect bath, beach towel, wrap around, runner, or throw on your sofa.

Featured in Bon Appetit magazine as the perfect beach blanket.

At Scents and Feel, we love this style so much that we have other 34 color combinations.

Here you will find our selection of bright colors.



                                                                                       It is recommended to wash it twice before using to get the best absorbency and softness.


Personalized $60.00 each


Colors Available:


Off White/Pearl Gray Stripes

Pearl Gray/Off White Stripe

Beige Mink/White Stripes

White/Beige Mink Stripe

Red Cayenne/White Stripe

White/Red Cayenne Stripe

Brown Beige Stripe

Beige Brown Stripe

Navy/Off White Stripe

Off White/Navy Stripe

Burgundy/Mustard Stripe

Mustard/Burgundy Stripe

Grey/Dark Grey STripe

Dark Grey/Grey Stripe

Black/White Stripe

White/Black Stripe

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